The Chattahoochee Folk Hour

Radio show featuring bluegrass and folk music

December 15th, 2012    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with Amy Andrews and The Skipperdees, and AT Through Hiker Josh Seehorn

Singer songwriter Amy Andrews appears on the Folk Hour along with the 'Skipperdees'- twin sisters Catherine and Emily Backus of Athens, Georgia. Three talented songwriters, Amy, Catherine and Emily combine their voices in beautiful harmonies in their live performance on the show. In addition, in this edition, meet Josh Seehorn, also an Athens resident, who recently completed a through hike on the Appalachian Trail. In March of 2013, Josh will set out on an unbelievable adventure-a run across America! Find out how you can help Josh in this incredible journey at or For Amy Andrews, check out, and for the Skipperdees,


December 5th, 2012    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with Jim Avett

Jim Avett of Concord North Carolina raised his family on traditional values of faith, love, hard work and music. His sons Scott and Seth, known simply as 'The Avett Brothers' are now two of the most popular singers and songwriters in folk music. I was honored to host Jim on the Folk Hour. My son Henry is a huge fan of the Avett Brothers and so he sat in with me for the session. A singer songwriter himself, Jim played several of his tunes on the show, and shared personal stories about his family and memorable moments on his sons' rise to success in the music industry. As I visited with Jim in the studio, it struck me that Jim's love of music carried forth with his sons, and in turn the music of his sons made its way into my home through my son Henry, and into thousands of other homes across the country. My favorite part of the show was toward the end of our session, when Jim invited me to jam with him on guitar and harmonica. Thanks, Jim, for quite a memorable show. Find out more about Jim Avett at