The Chattahoochee Folk Hour

Radio show featuring bluegrass and folk music

February 22nd, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with ‘Possum Diva’ Heather Luttrell

Folk singer/songwriter Heather Lutrell, the 'Possum Diva', appears live on the Folk Hour along with band members Craig Henderson, playing snare and singing harmony, and Heather's father, Ralph Luttrell, playing his self made (high quality) square neck dobro. In many ways, Heather represents what folk music is all about. Music has been a part of Heather's life since she was young, with her father playing in the bluegrass band 'Possum Trot'. As you will hear on the show, Heather's music is a blend of bluegrass, blues and folk, highlighted by her amazing vocals, tasteful harmonies, and incredible dobro played by her talented father. I was moved not only by Heather's songs, but by the dynamic of seeing Heather and her father blending their talents to make such great music. You can find out more about Heather at


February 16th, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with Scott Koehn and Co-Host Pat Burke

Country/folk singer Scott Koehn appears on the Folk Hour, proving that facebook is a useful tool after all! Scott and I attended the Arlington School in south Atlanta, and through facebook, I learned that Scott had become a musician, and singer/songwriter. On this episode, Scott performs several of his original songs, which reflect the maturity and thoughtfulness of a musician who has returned to his craft after a 15 year respite. It was a special evening for me to connect with Scott after all of these years. My friend Pat Burke co-hosts the show with me, and discusses the arduous hobby of adventure racing during the 'crazy world' segment. Scott performs regularly at Flipper's restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama, and you can find out more information about him at his website,