The Chattahoochee Folk Hour

Radio show featuring bluegrass and folk music

March 21st, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with ‘Sandyman’ Flynn and ‘Captain’ George Hergen, ‘The Irish Brothers’

'Sandyman' Flynn and 'Capt.' George Hergen, together the 'Irish Brothers' appear on the Folk Hour to share their toe tapping Irish tunes. Sandy and George became friends over 25 years ago, when they both had corporate jobs with IBM. They discovered their mutual love of music, and they have been paying tunes together ever since. Sandy and George have had success pursuing their passion for music. Sandy was formerly with the popular band 'Cullowhee' and spent several years as a songwriter in Nashville. George was part of the folk scene in Greenwich Village and was influenced in his love of Irish music by the noteworthy Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. In addition to their Irish tunes, Sandy shared a couple of his original tunes, including the bluesy 'Mississippi Moon', featuring Sandy's deep and resonating voice. It was a real pleasure for me to be in the presence of two wonderful musicians and lifelong friends. For more information about the Irish Brothers, visit and


March 10th, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with Erin Thomas

Nashville singer songwriter Erin Thomas appears on the Folk Hour via telephone interview, sharing songs from her CD, 'You Don't Know Me'. Erin has an amazing lifestory, having been an orchestral french horn player in Nashville with the renowned Nashville String Machine. She developed a physical condition which left her unable to play at the professional level she had obtained. Thankfully, instead of leaving music, she learned to play guitar, and began singing and writing songs. As a result, she has taken country music by a storm. Learn more about Erin Thomas on this edition of the Folk Hour, and enjoy a selection of her songs from her CD, including 'That Kind of Love', a duet with the infamous Vince Gill. For more information about Erin and her music, visit


March 9th, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with Emily Jackson, 2013

Emily Jackson makes her second appearance on the Folk Hour, performing her songs live in the studio. Emily has been performing in the Athens area regularly since her last appearance on the show. Her driving rhythms and bluesy vocals make her a popular choice! Enjoy!