The Chattahoochee Folk Hour

Radio show featuring bluegrass and folk music

April 24th, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour with Beth Wood

Tonight's show features the soulful songs of Beth Wood, recorded live at our house concert series, 'The Hoedown on the Trace'. Beth is a wonderfully talented singer songwriter and her songs are rich with heartfelt lyrics, highlighted by her powerful voice. Originally from Lubbock Texas, Beth has been recognized at folk festivals across the nation. I had the privilege of interviewing Beth in our sunroom the morning after her show. In this second anniversary show for the Folk Hour, I am pleased to share excerpts of her interview along with songs from her live performance. Enjoy one of folk music's shining stars, Beth Wood. For more information about Beth Wood, visit her website at


April 3rd, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour, Live at the Hoedown with Wil Maring and Robert Bowlin

This special edition of The Chattahoochee Folk Hour was taped live at the Hoedown On The Trace, a house concert with Wil Maring and Robert Bowlin. From Cobden Illinois, Wil Maring and Robert Bowlin are phenomenal singers, songwriters and musicians, whose songs range from Americana, to blues, to bluegrass and beyond! This show features their wonderful music, captured live in concert. My favorite part of the show is the 'Crazy World' segment, where Ralph reads a story about the adventures of folks singers Wil and Robert, and Robert had to spontaneously illustrate the emotions of the story with his fiddle. It totally spontaneous...and magical! For more information about Wil and Robert, check out Wil Maring's music facebook page and her website at Many thanks to the studio audience for their participation, and to Rich Roszel, the sound engineer, and Debbie Roszel, who wrote the Crazy World segment. Enjoy!!