The Chattahoochee Folk Hour

Radio show featuring bluegrass and folk music

June 26th, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour at SERFA, Part Two

In this final edition of the two part series on Ralph's visit to The Southeastern Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA) conference in Montreat, this show features interviews with veteran songwriter Buddy Mondlock from Nashville, and a 'second career' songwriter, R.J. Cowdery from Columbus Ohio. Buddy and RJ share their perspectives on their respective careers in folk music and the significance of folk music in today's 'American Idol' culture. In this edition, you will also meet Hiroya Tsukamoto, a graduate of the Berkely College of Music who first learned to play bluegrass on five string banjo as a young boy in his native Japan. And, meet the Hollands, a modern day 'Von Trapp' family, touring the country in their RV, and sharing their music with communities all across America. For more information on these great artists, visit their websites at;;; and


June 21st, 2013    

The Chattahoochee Folk Hour at SERFA, Part One

On this edition of The Chattahoochee Folk Hour, host Ralph Taylor visits the Southeastern Regional Folk Alliance meeting at Montreat, North Carolina. Over 200 musicians, singers, songwriters, promoters and venue hosts gathered for a celebration of music at Montreat, and in this first of a two part series, Ralph interviews and shares the music of three featured performers: SERFA President Kim Richardson from Arkansas; Dennis Cash from North Carolina, and Lara Herscovitch from Connecticut. The Folk Alliance is a vibrant community of artists who share a passion for their music, and Kim, Dennis and Lara discuss their musical journeys and emphasize the importance of the support and encouragement from their fellow musicians involved in the Folk Alliance. For more information on these wonderful artists, visit; and