The Chattahoochee Folk Hour featuring Jeff Mosier

I was truly honored and thrilled to host the 'Reverend' Jeff Mosier, a master banjo player and wonderful singer/songwriter, on the Folk Hour. Jeff's life has been dedicated to music, from hosting his own radio show in Atlanta called 'Born In A Barn', to playing banjo in a number of bands including The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Blueground Undergrass and The Mosier Brothers Band. He has been a major part of the Atlanta music scene, and has performed with some legends of bluegrass such as Peter Rowan. In this show, Jeff plays several of his original songs which will touch your heart and soul (I refer to them as 'harmonies of the heart'), featuring his master technique of gentle, melodic banjo. In the Trail Folks segment, adventure runner Mike Taylor stopped by the studio to share with us tales from his second attempt to run the entire Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. and his pursuit of the legendary 'Sasquatch'. It was a memorable show that is a 'must hear', and we even had a studio audience consisting of Pat Burke, Ben Parker and Sam Taylor. Many thanks to Jeff Mosier. For more information about Jeff, check out